//Michael Schomburg

An introductory programming course for first year design students


Why you should learn to code...Now?


Four workshop sessions in basic HTML/CSS and Javascript as well as the Magic Mirror

Coding is way too often inaccessible for people with a different career path or students with a different background. During my studies I have wished that I’d known hot to code. This workshop was initiated in cooperation with The Hague University of applied sciences and the department of Industrial Design. The workshop aimed to break the barrier to the world of code for design students, and teach them basic programming in the languages of the web, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The workshop consisted of one lecture and four workshop sessions. The lecture was an introduction addressing different topics such as "what is programming?” the different touch points between design and coding, as well as the more conceptual topic of "computational thinking".

Build and working MagicMirror

P5.js example used in the workshop(use your mouse)