//Michael Schomburg

AmideHadelin Webshop //June 2018


The client wanted to extend his small business from instagram to the next level and open a webshop. The business is selling high class gentlemen’s accessories. Therefore, the challenge was to create a visual appearance which matches the target groups expectation.
The project can be found here: AmideHadeline Webshop


Due to the limited budget of the client , and a limited time frame, I chose to build the web shop based on a existing 3rd party theme and customised the interface design. My task was to take the suggested design and implement it on the Shopify system. This meant modifying the css and some of Shopifys in-house language liquid within the given theme. Furthermore, installation of some Shopify apps and linking a newsletter system with mail chimp. Furthermore, I provided general project guidance as well as setup and CMS familiarisation guidance.

  • Project management 1.
  • UI/UX Design 2.
  • Website build 3.