//Michael Schomburg

Mühle Liesebach Website //February 2018


The "Mühle Liesebach Förderverein" asked me to redesign and build their website. The goal was to build a website which holds all information about the organisation, can communicate current happenings through blog posts. Furthermore, to have a gallery to upload images of events and maintenance work of the Mill. The development was done through a wordpress customization of a basic given template.
The project can be found here: muehle-raebke.de


During this project I guided and helped the organisation through the process of the redesign. This meant general functionality and content improvements. Designing the interface, coding the website, content migration, as well as migration to their existing host. Furthermore I provided custom tutorials for the usage of the CMS and additional advises for e content structure.

  • Project management 1.
  • UI/UX Design 2.
  • Website build 3.
  • Content implementation 4.
  • Tutorials for CMS usage 5.