//Michael Schomburg

GoSar app //January 2017

App presetation video

Early prototype animation


The ‘Go-sar’ app was developed during the Data4Food Challenge, organized by the Centre for Innovation (Leiden University – The Hague Campus) and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The goal of the app is to enable small-holder farmers in Indonesia to find the market which pays the best value at the given time of use. The user decides what product they want to sell and what means of transportation they will take. Based on this information three potential markets are given. The Project is a cooperation with Het Proces Design Studio


This project was part of a five Month internship at design studio "Het Process" in Rotterdam. My task was to take the idea to the first functional prototype phase. In this process I did design as well as project related research, designed the app, and in coorporation with a developer build the app. Furthermore, I was responsible for an app presetation video as well as the usability test.

  • Design&Project Research 1.
  • UI/UX Design 3.
  • High & Low quality prototypes 4.
  • Presentation video production 5.
  • User testing 2.