//Michael Schomburg

ToolArchive //June 2017


The ToolArchive was a project within Studio Lust in Den Haag. The project goal was to create a digital archive of the created tools within the studio. Tools were things such has simple but custom build webcrawlers, control software for museum installations or other custom built software. The intention was to create a platform where designers and developers can equally access the tools, to inform themselves about the expertise of the studio or access sourcecode. Therefore, the archive had to be functional but also visually appealing and inspiring for the design team.
The project can be found here: Bachelor Thesis
Research Paper
GitHub Repository


This project is my graduation project for the Bsc. Industrial Design. It involved a five month internship at Studio Lust in Den Haag. The project was independently set up based on the initial problem statement by the studio.

  • Academic research 1.
  • Project setup and organisation 2.
  • Design research 3.
  • UI/UX Design 4.
  • High & Low quality prototypes 5.